Sketches for Charity! (Badger Clip Included) While only for 2020, my art sales for minimal-detailed charcoal drawings and any other works will be 50%, I will occasionally upload some quick sketches of pets and wildlife and this will be an ongoing lifetime thing.  Each of these sketches, after shipping and any processing fees from PayPal or any electronic payment sources, all of the money goes to the designated organization.  For instance, the first few sketches are for the Wherever I took the picture from, I will create a quick sketch, sell it, and the money from that sketch will go to the facility the animal came from.  So far, my sketches have came from the Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Gardens of Palm Desert, California. I will have a "Miscellaneous" section sometime when I have sketches that did not come from any of the facilities I am supporting.  For instance, I am going to be posting a couple of sketches for

Mr. T - Work in Progress

This is a little 5x7" pastel experiment I started last month, put it off for a while, and will be working back on it soon.  Unlike the Molly progress, this one is done on the smoother side of the Canson Mi-Teintes paper.  I'm just trying to see my version of a simplified/minimal-detailed pastel painting on the smoother side of the paper (Not what I anticipated to what I wanted to look like so far, but we'll see). The reference photo is by Janina Suuronen on  Paint My Photo .

Molly- Work in Progress + Lots of Rambling

This is a portrait of a sweet baby named  Molly  on 5x7" Canson Mi-Teintes paper.  I cannot wait to finish this one. It has been a long while since I have drawn a pet portrait.  Many months ago, I did draw Betty and Bu-Bu along with a couple ACEO's of Bubba, but now I have a colored pastel piece. I am trying to make a more simplistic approach to the details like I do with the semi-detailed charcoal portraits.  Right now, it's a complete mess I'll admit.  It has been a while since I have done a full-colored drawing and I am quite slow at trying to get colors close to accurate.  On top of that, I gave up immediately because my sharpener has not been very good to me recently for it is just destroying my CarbOthello pencils (My sharpener didn't do this so much a  while back, but maybe dropping it at some point was the problem?).  Because of sharpening issues, I had to bust out the X-Acto knife.  Believe me.  I honestly am not a fan of knife-sharpening. It

Throwback of Kyle Portraits AND Announcement

It has been a while since I have made a blogged entry, and it has been a while since I have been creating any animal portraiture.  I have been mainly focusing on erotic/nude art of myself. However, here is a throwback of five portraits of a cat named KYLE , which unfortunately, passed away in July of 2017.  If you have not heard of him and the tragic story before he ended up with a permanent loving family, feel free to click on his name.  I even have a short announcement below these adorable portraits (which are with his family). I will be hitting the road in the beginning of March.  I will be traveling abroad most of California (not sure how much of yet) and I will be finally creating some new portraits in charcoal.  Not only that, I look forward to meeting new people.   If you see me around your town, feel free to say 'hi!' 

Boston Terrier ACEOs!

These two adorable portraits of my furbrother are 2.5"x3.5" sized.  They were also sent to veterinary clinics I have sent business cards to. Also, for a limited time, I am offering ACEO sized custom charcoal pet portraits of this sort of detail starting at just $20. I really would love to make more ACEOs in the future! Feel free to take a look at more information on pricing, terms, and more information!

Betty and Bu-Bu WIP

I started this many weeks ago and posted these on Instagram.  However, since it has been a very long time posting a blog on this particular account, I might as well post these images. No, I am not done with it til this day since I have put it off for a bit plus doing some erotic/nude art.  I haven't been too active in drawing in general for the past few weeks due to personal reasons and this drawing is also going by slowly because it's mainly being worked on during some parts of my lunch time at work. It's not a commission or anything.  I am just doing this for fun with the permission by their mama If you would like to see more of Betty and Bu-Bu, feel free to follow their Instagram!   I do want to say a little bit of the reference image.  The image is actually two screenshots from a video.  I kind of wish I didn't do this since some details (such as one of Bu-Bu's eyes) was REALLY hard to make out.  Now, w

Dreams Tell You Something...

It all started with a dream of a whiny, crying, talking Prismacolor sanguine pencil.... Sometimes, your conscious is telling you something.  Yes, I had a goofy dream months ago and I had to draw Bubba with a sanguine pencil.   If you would like to see more photo progresses of my furbrother in sanguine, I have them all in this video above.